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Balance Intestinal Microflora

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis is one of the best-characterised bacteria that is used as a model organism for Gram-positive bacteria. This rod-shaped bacterium produces endospores that allow for survival in extreme environmental conditions, including heat and extreme dryness. Ingestion of significant quantities of B. subtilis spores can help to restore normal gut microbiota following extensive antibiotic usage or illness by acting as an immunostimulatory agent. The non-pathogenic, spore-forming bacterium B. subtilis protects intestinal cells against oxidant-mediated tissue damage and loss of barrier function. Additionally, the improved expression and secretion of proteins by B. subtilis is an efficient tool for enzyme production, which accounts for around 60% of commercially available enzymes. 

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Bacillus clausii

Bacillus clausii is the probiotic of choice for digestive disorders, as it can form spores. It is, therefore, stable at room temperature and resistant to low pH levels, ensuring that it reaches the small intestine to colonise and release its beneficial effects. This spore-forming probiotic can inhibit the growth of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract via three distinct mechanisms: colonisation of free ecological niches, which are no longer available for other microorganisms; competition for epithelial cell adhesion; and production of enzymes secreted into the intestinal environment. B. clausii is also a useful source for improving the intestinal imbalance of microbial flora and other intestinal malfunctions, thanks to its antimicrobial resistance features.

Health Benefits

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Balance Intestinal Microflora

SpoGest-IB's probiotic strains can help produce metabolic compounds that suppress the growth of unwanted microorganisms (the ones that compete for receptors and binding sites with good microbes) on the intestinal mucosa. By doing so, you achieve a healthy, balanced state in your gut.

Normalize Bowel Frequency

Normalize Bowel Frequency

By repopulating and supporting beneficial gut bacteria and fixing an imbalance, SpoGest-IB strengthens the digestive system and regulates stool consistency. This helps give you regular, normal bowel movements on a daily basis.

Improve Immune System

Improve Immune System

The Bacillus probiotic strains of SpoGest-IB can enhance the integrity of the intestinal barrier and decrease translocation of bacteria across the intestinal mucosa. This allows proper maintenance of immune tolerance and better responsiveness from immune cells.

Promote Mental Health

Promote Mental Health

By nourishing healthy intestinal microflora, SpoGest-IB supports the building of a healthier, more resilient mind. Gut microbes may communicate with the gut–brain axis through the production of neuroactive and neuroendocrine molecules.

Boost Nutrient Absorption

Boost Nutrient Absorption

SpoGest-IB’s probiotics help improve nutrient status and tackle malabsorption issues by supporting the breakdown of food, proper small intestinal structure, and processes that lead to optimal nutrient use.

With the proper ratio of correct strains in each liquid vial,

we created a revolution in probiotics.

With the correct ratio of correct strains in each liquid vial,

we made this revolution in probiotics


Balance Intestinal Microflora

Unique Liquid Form

5 times higher absorption

Research shows that most pills don't break apart at all or only partially break apart after long hours. SpoGest-IB, on the other hand, was designed in a liquid form that  requires almost no breaking down and is much more readily absorbed, helping you gain all the probiotics' benefits in the fastest way.

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Our liquid form delivers healthy bacteria to the intestine 5 times faster than traditional pills and powders cover every surface area of the lower gastrointestinal tract to provide rapid relief and efficient repopulation of the gut microbiome.

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Superior soil-based strains

It's always better to focus on the harmonized ratio of potent strains rather than creating an unnecessary overdose. Compared to the widely used lactic acid bacteria, our soil-based strains of Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus clausii are naturally  spore-forming, meaning they offer the advantage of a higher survival rate (over 90%) during high temperatures, and stomach acid, multiply rapidly and act quickly to refresh a sick digestive tract.

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Our bacteria quickly populate the gut with beneficial microorganisms, and these spread efficiently once they reach the large intestine.

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Refrigeration-free & Portable

Many probiotics require refrigeration to maintain the integrity of the bacteria. SpoGest-IB needs no extra handling and saves your time in this fast-paced modern life. Our beneficial bacteria are resilient and able to maintain longer shelf life duration without refrigeration.


Compared to non-spore and non-liquid probiotics,

our liquid spore probiotic


liquid spore probiotics stomach survival

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** Please note that SpoGest-IB is NOT for acute or chronic constipation

** SpoGest-IB may help if symptoms include very mild constipation or a mix of mild constipation and diarrhoea. Please contact us for more information. 



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Allan Roberts United Kingdom

This has given me my life back!

This product is amazing. I've struggled for years with gastro issues, having multiple surgeries, tests, and no answers. I found this product on Instagram (or maybe FB?) and I was sceptical but bought it anyway. Thanks red wine :)))) It has literally changed my life. It takes a little time, so give it a couple of weeks, but all of a sudden, you'll notice it’s all less urgent, and gasp - more solid movements! It's incredible. The vials taste like nothing and are super easy to take. Try this product if you struggle with UC or any sort of loose movement situation. I hope it changes your life like it did mine. Thank you SpoGest!

Tiffany Ryun United Kingdom

Pleasantly Surprised

 I've started my first box of SpoGest and so far so good. While it won’t cure you, it greatly aids in normalizing bowel function. It really helped me get past flare up and I recommend anyone with UC give this a try. Taste is very neutral and easy to take. I take it after dinner each night. The vials can be a bit difficult to open but that is no big deal. I am very happy with my purchase and plan to continue my purchases in the future. I have also recommended this product to many of my friends and they all have recored positive results as well. 

Margaret Reed United Kingdom

After trying every top brand this is the best!

This is fantastic, haven't had any stomach problems since I begun taking SpoGest. It started to make a difference after about 10 days. I was so impressed. This product is the only thing that has worked for me after years of very painful IBS. For the very first time , I can go about my day without worry and have some kind of normality back in my life. I've eaten many of my favorite foods over the last week and had 0 issues! My friend recommended this product to me and glad that I have tried it. P/S: Customer support is amazing. They are very responsive and seem to sincerely care about customers. It’s very rare in today business.

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