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*Please note that SpoGest-IB is NOT for acute or chronic constipation

**SpoGest-IB is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

What is Bloating?

Bloating occurs in the stomach when the gastrointestinal tract is filled with air or gas. It can be described as the feeling of full, tight, or swollen. The abdomen may also be distended, hard and painful.

What causes Bloating?



Fluid retention

Chronic disorders

Gynecological disorders


Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

Food intolerances


Signs and symptoms associated with

Bloating may include


Frequent burping or belching

Excessive gas


Why is SpoGest-IB the best choice

for Bloating?

Gas produced by the bacteria in the intestine is a major contributor to bloating. There are 500 bacterial species that work to aid with digestion, and external factors such as medication use, stress, travel, and poor diet can easily disrupt your normal digestive process and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. 

Several clinical studies have shown that certain probiotic supplements can support reducing gas production and bloating in people with digestive problems. Stable probiotic bacteria that survives stomach acid and retains its potency in the intestine, such as Bacillus strains, is considered as a good “fit” which can effectively help with bloating and flatulence. By breaking down indigestible fiber, B. clausii aid in the reduction of gas and bloating. This spore-forming bacteria can also support promoting bowel regularity and the passage of gas that causes bloating.



Struggling to find a fast-working solution for your gut health?

SpoGest-IB is a perfect harmonisation of 2 superior soil-based strains, Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus clausii. These natural spore-forming probiotics offer super-quick efficacy compared to other widely used bacteria. With SpoGest-IB, we guarantee that you will notice significant improvements after a minimum of 2-3 days for occasional indigestion and a maximum of  3 weeks for persistent conditions

🟣  2 superior soil-based strains

🟣  Super-quick efficacy: 3 weeks for persistent conditions and 2-3 days for occasional indigestion


Scared of forever burdening your intestinal microflora with excessive bacteria?

SpoGest-IB has been biologically engineered into a shelf-stable liquid form that requires almost no breaking down or digestion, offering the body higher absorption and higher optimization rates of the probiotics’ benefits over pills, tablets, or powders. SpoGest-IB is NOT a daily probiotic that requires to be consumed everyday for the rest of your life. Take it when your gut needs it and flourish.

🟣  Take it when your gut needs it 

🟣  NOT a daily probiotic that needs lifelong consumption


Feeling irritated to try various products with minimal to no improvements? 

🟣  A wise investment for long-lasting effects

🟣  Individualised Healthcare guidance 

SpoGest-IB is a wise investment for a long-lasting effects. Instead of worsening the financial burden by spending hard-earned money on ineffective products, rescue your digestive system with the life-changing probiotic SpoGest-IB. No more wasting, no more struggling. Get individualised healthcare guidance to achieve the optimal results and become our loyal customers to enjoy the most dedicated support.

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