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Ulcerative Colitis



SpoGest-IB Diarrhea


Probiotics are able to support optimal digestion and return the gut to balanced colonies of microbes. However, not all probiotics are equally effective. The best probiotics for maintaining regular bowel habits are...

SpoGest-IB Bloating
SpoGest-IB Bloating and Gas


and Gas

Stable probiotic bacteria that survives stomach acid and retains its potency in the intestine, such as Bacillus strains, is considered as a good “fit” which can effectively help with bloating and flatulence. By breaking down indigestible fiber, B. clausii aid in the reduction of gas and bloating...

For Abdominal pain



For Urgency


For Acid reflux



For Abdominal pain





For Acid reflux
For Urgency


Why Are Probiotics

Beneficial For Vegan Diets?

The Plant-based diet can cause multiple digestive issues. The problems mainly come because vegans tend to eat lots of legumes and beans as a source of vegan protein. There’s no denying the health benefits of beans/legumes, but eating too many of them can cause certain problems.

Primarily, it comes down to increased fiber intake. Fiber does a fantastic job of filling you up and aiding your digestion. 

But what happens when you eat too much fiber?

You start going to the toilet more frequently, your stools could be looser, and you may be very gassy. In fact, lots of vegans suffer from IBS because of a high-fiber diet fueled by beans.

So, vegan probiotics help to counteract this. They bring a balance to your digestive system and can ease the symptoms of IBS, such as gas, bloating, indigestion, or diarrhoea.


Unfortunately, most sources of probiotics come from dairy products. The two most common strains are Lactobacillus  and Bifidobacterium, both of which are found in food products like yogurt, kefir, and other dairy foods. Food manufacturers will ferment kefir grains or milk to try and generate this strain of probiotics. As these dairy products sit and ferment, the bacteria inside them starts to develop. Consequently, you get the typical sour taste that’s associated with things like natural yogurt. The lactobacillus gives it this taste.

Dairy probiotics don’t fit the vegan diet.

Dairy is an animal product, so it can’t be eaten. The majority of probiotics today are either made from strains of Lactobacillus  or Bifidobacterium  despite their veggie capsules.

Most sources of Probiotics

From dairy products

Vegan Probiotics at SpoGest-IB

From White Rice

At Spogest, we create two superior strains Bacillus clausii  and Bacillus subtilis, which are fermented from White Rice. The two strains form a spore structure that helps them survive stomach acid and helps populate the gut with good bacteria.


Not sure how to take SpoGest-IB for optimal results?

Refer to the standard instructions below or reach out to our customer care team anytime for your exclusive guidance.

We would love to know how much your gut health is improving at each milestone!

 STEP 1 

First 7 days

Recommended dosage:

1 vial/day after food.

 STEP 2 

From 8th day


Recommended dosage:

1 vial every 2 days after food.

*Please note that SpoGest-IB is NOT for acute or chronic constipation

**SpoGest-IB is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Easy, Hassle-free & Risk-free

Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction and trust are our #1 priorities.

If you are unhappy with our product, simply return it within 60 days of receipt for a guaranteed full refund. No question asked!

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Balance Intestinal Microflora

Bacillus subtilis

Bacillus subtilis is one of the best-characterized bacteria that is used as a model organism for Gram-positive bacteria. This rod-shaped bacterium produces endospores that allow for survival in extreme environmental conditions, including heat and extreme dryness. Ingestion of significant quantities of B. subtilis spores can help to restore normal gut microbiota following extensive antibiotic usage or illness by acting as an immunostimulatory agent. The non-pathogenic, spore-forming bacterium B. subtilis protects intestinal cells against oxidant-mediated tissue damage and loss of barrier function. Additionally, the improved expression and secretion of proteins by B. subtilis is an efficient tool for enzyme production, which accounts for around 60% of commercially available enzymes. 

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Bacillus clausii

Bacillus clausii is the probiotic of choice for digestive disorders, as it can form spores. It is, therefore, stable at room temperature and resistant to low pH levels, ensuring that it reaches the small intestine to colonize and release its beneficial effects. This spore-forming probiotic can inhibit the growth of pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract via three distinct mechanisms: colonization of free ecological niches, which are no longer available for other microorganisms; competition for epithelial cell adhesion; and production of enzymes secreted into the intestinal environment. B. clausii is also a useful source for improving the intestinal imbalance of microbial flora and other intestinal malfunctions, thanks to its antimicrobial resistance features.


Balance Intestinal Microflora

Balance Intestinal Microflora

SpoGest-IB's probiotic strains can help produce metabolic compounds that suppress the growth of unwanted microorganisms (the ones that compete for receptors and binding sites with good microbes) on the intestinal mucosa. By doing so, you achieve a healthy, balanced state in your gut.

Normalize Bowel Frequency

Normalize Bowel Frequency

By repopulating and supporting beneficial gut bacteria and fixing an imbalance, SpoGest-IB strengthens the digestive system and regulates stool consistency. This helps give you regular, normal bowel movements on a daily basis.

Promote Mental Health

Promote Mental Health

By nourishing healthy intestinal microflora, SpoGest-IB supports the building of a healthier, more resilient mind. Gut microbes may communicate with the gut–brain axis through the production of neuroactive and neuroendocrine molecules.

Other probiotics



Liquid Form for Higher Absorption

Superior soil-based strains with better potency & stability

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Specialised for IBS & IBDs

Physical & Mental well-being beyond gut health

Over 90% survival rate through heat & stomach acid


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1. How long will it take to notice improvements after starting your product?

Results vary from person to person, as everyone is different. For vegan customers, on average, 80% of our customers report substantial changes in about 7-10 days of using Spogest-IB. In case of occasional digestive problems, you can expect to see the results sooner (2-3 days only).

2. Is your product side-effect free?

Absolutely! Our probiotics are cultivated from natural soil, and each vial of SpoGest-IB contains only two billion healthy bacteria, with B. Subtilis & B. Clausii strains & 5 ml of sterile distilled water. No gluten, dairy or any harmful ingredients included!

3. Is it safe to take your product with medication?

SpoGest-IB probiotics are pretty friendly with medications and medicine combinations. However, in the case of immunosuppressive medication, we recommend checking with your doctor first.

4. What is the detox period?

As SpoGest-IB stands above other standard probiotics due to its spore shells and liquid form, you may experience initial changes (it’s natural you may spend more time in the bathroom, for example). We’ve noticed about 10-15% of customers go through detoxification in the first few days of using our product, with symptoms like bloating or gas, sometimes diarrhoea. Rest assured, those are just signs of spore probiotics fighting off harmful bacteria, protecting your body and helping flush out the toxins. These symptoms will ease off quickly before positive changes show up.

5. What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, please contact us within 60 days of purchase. We will refund your purchase, even if your boxes are empty.

6. Do I have to use your product permanently?

You will not have to. SpoGest-IB provides consistent and long-lasting effects so it does not require everyday consumption for the rest of your life to maintain positive results.

7. How many days does one box last?

With our Vegan dosage plan, 1 box of 20 vials would last for more than a month. Similarly, a pack of 3 boxes would last for more than 3 months.

8. Are you cruelty free?

Yes we are ! Cruelty free with no animal testing involved in the making of SpoGest-IB.

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